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At we take your privacy very seriously. The only information we will ask our users for is their name and email address. This information is used so that when our users wish to log into their “Free membership account” or “All Access account” they will sign in using that information. Email addresses will never be given out a 3rd party.

Site security is very important as well and that’s why we use PayPal as our credit card payment system provider. For more information on PayPal, go to

If at anytime you wish to remove yourself as a user of feel free to email us or call our Customer Service team at or 1.800.258.0912 Ext. 102.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

Yes. Really. No hassle. Just tell us why, and you will be refunded. It can be for any reason: “I didn’t learn anything,” “I thought the site was,” “I was still upset that matlock was cancelled in 1995 when I signed up and I wasn’t thinking straight.” You will have 30 days to request a full refund in the case you are not completely happy with the All Access Pass.