I don’t play/create Electronic Music. I play Jazz, Classical, I do Musical Theater etc., how can MacForMusicians.com help me?

No matter what genre you play or what scene you are a part of, being proficient on your Mac will only make you more effective as a working musician. Recording Audio with your Mac is something that every Mac owning musician should be familiar with. It is common for most to see this as a “Dance/Hip-Hop/Electronica” specific method of producing music, but the reality is that for a very long time, all genres have been using the digital medium to capture sound. In addition, every Mac sold today has GarageBand installed, ready for Musicians to record their music to a high quality medium. Now, even though most people think of Macs and Musicians in terms of recording, they go way beyond that. There is so much Technology to learn on the Promotion and Management front that crosses over from other creative and corporate professions. Though currently addressed in the blog, these topics will also be covered exclusively in later releases under the topics of Promotion, Booking and Management.

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