GarageBand Software Instruments

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GarageBand Software Instruments

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  1. where can i get the jam packs?

  2. Hi
    I’m interested in the Jam packs that you just demo’d in your vid. I thought mine were built into garageband 11 but no.
    you mentioned “show All” when you were in ‘strings’ mode, they look awesome, you then scrolled to bass and demo’d those, my question is, are the ‘strings’ and bass etc tied into one jam pack, or do I buy them separately?

  3. Hi

    Am i able to plug in my Electronic Piano/keyboard and use it to play the various instruments available?? So in other words, can my Electronic Piano be used to write the tracks i want or can i only record its actual sounds and then record the rest using the computer keyboard etc?

  4. I’m planning to use Garage Band to play live with my band. I have an M-Audio Axiom 49 Midi Keyboard and have worked some in Garage Band to do recording. My dilemma is that I cannot figure out how to play to Software Instrument sounds simultaneously. I.e., Piano and Pad or Piano and Strings. Surely Garage Band will do that, right? I have searched for an answer and can’t find one.

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