GarageBand Tutorial: EQ

Let’s explore the EQ options available in GarageBand. We will look into the Visual EQ.  The Track EQ in Garageband is just one of several types of plugins that allow you to affect frequencies of a sound.  GarageBand also comes with many Audio Unit Effects that are within the Audio Filter Family.  These are technically different than an Equalizer (EQ)  because an EQ is built with multiple types of filters. This video will give you the basics behind operating the track EQ in GarageBand, however do check out the videos on the other types of audio filters and how you can use them to do things like remove buzzing and electronic noise or unwanted overtones on a bass drum.

Be sure to check out our Advanced Tutorials that cover the additional options available in GarageBand for EQ’s and Filters.

GarageBand Tutorial

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