What Is GarageBand and Where do I start?

This video will take you through the following subjects:

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GarageBand Tutorial
  1. not getting the video

  2. Thanks for the heads up!
    All set now

  3. Thanks for the informative videos. I purchased a used iBook for the sole purpose of Garageband.
    Im 15 minutes into mission. I have an M-audio firewire interface, Will this work with my iBook?

  4. I’m getting a crackle static sound when I playback cassettes recorded thru a Scarlett 8i6 Focusrite. Not sure why. The four analog tracks are transferring into 4 separate Garage Band tracks but the crackling sound is present on all tracks. Ideas/suggestions? terencebsmart@yahoo.com.

  5. Can’t seem to get to this video

  6. Slow down luv, that cursor is moving to quickly to catch with the eye.

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