GarageBand ’11

After the long awaited announcement of iLife ’11 at the Apple Back to the Mac Event, there is a New version of GarageBand! No doubt you are as excited as we are. There seems to be really cool features in GarageBand ’11 so let’s get to it!

“Tighten the timing of your recordings with Flex Time.”
This very cool and goes beyond enhanced timing. This feature was first available in Logic 9 and is now available in GarageBand ’11 (Thanks Apple!). GarageBand will analyze the Waveforms of your audio regions and allow you to adjust the attack and duration of the notes to lock the rhythm by simply clicking and dragging. Check out the video on Apple’s GarageBand ’11 page to see it in action.

“Match the rhythm of all tracks with one single track using Groove Matching.”
Again, more tools to help your Rhythm. This feature will tell GarageBand to line up a whole song to one single Track! So, for instance, you want everything to line up with the Drum track? Simply select it to have the other tracks match it’s groove to it! Or, as Apple Product Marketing Manager, Xander Soren puts it “Automatic spell check for bad Rhythm.” Be sure to check out the video and details on Apple’s GarageBand Page.

“Re-create the sound of legendary guitar rigs and pedals using new guitar amps and effects.”
There even more Amp models to work with in GarageBand ’11. In fact, there are 7 new Amp Models and 5 new Stomp Boxes to build your sound. Guitar players, you are in luck!

“Learn to play piano or guitar at your own pace. And see how accurately you’ve performed with ‘How Did I Play?'”
For those who are interested in learning their first instrument or picking up their 2nd 3rd or 4th, The lessons feature has been expanded upon. You can actually track the progress!

As iLife ’11 becomes available, you can be sure we will be telling you more about it. We can’t wait! Check out the Video of the Apple event, and Jump to 38:45 (just after the iMovie Demo) for a demonstration of these new features.

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  1. got ilife ’11 last week! no need for “Groove Matching”….. yet ;)

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