Use Stumbleupon Paid Discovery to Quickly Gain Exposure


You want straight up exposure? Stumbleupon will give it to you. Well, for 5 cents a pageview but that is nothing compared to other promotional tools! For those of you not familiar with Stumbleupon, let’s explain it from 3 different perspectives. The person on the internet using it, Stumbleupon itself and a musician seeking exposure.

As a user, Stumbleupon is a social media site that allows you to create a profile of interests and start “stumbling” from page to page of sites that match your interests. You can then share these sites with others, give them a thumbs up, thumbs down and have Stumbleupon serve up more targeted content it essentially tracks your behavior.

On stumbleupon’s end it is, as we mentioned, constantly trying to figure out what you want to see. How nice of it! That’s what makes it different from other social media sites. You can, if you choose, see what others are seeing, but if you want to explore new music on the web within the Drum ‘n Bass genre, you can. You don’t have to weed through everyone else’s posts and news feeds to find what you want. In fact, this one difference coupled with the fact that Stumbleupon literally drops it’s users on a site is probably why it recently passed Facebook as the #1 social media site for referrals back in January 2011.

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A confluence of factors led to the latest milestones, says StumbleUpon VP of Business Development Marc Leibowitz:

“The growth curve has also steepened recently because of the introduction of more overtly social features (eg, finding & inviting real-world friends) to complement the less obvious but long-standing social aspects of StumbleUpon (eg, algorithmically determined like-minded users); the improving usability of the service (eg, “show me more from [this domain, topic, user]“; better onboarding); and probably the overall proliferation of content, which has increased the demand for easy-to-use, adaptive curation tools like StumbleUpon (see also Google’s experiments w News & Reader).”

So where does this leave Musicians? Well you probably, by now, want in on some of the action, right? Good! There are 2 ways. Create an account, make friends with fellow stumblers, give them good content to view, share it then wait. OR, use Stumbleupon Paid Discovery. Starting $.05 a pageview, you can get a highly targeted user to view your content. So, you can literally go from 0-1,000 pageviews for $50. That is a lot of bang for your buck! Also, they recently added more options for a few cents more per view. This is a great way to get ears on your music and eyes on other content. You have a video or page with a new song? Instead of hoping that someone will land on your home page and navigate to it, use Stumbleupon to bring them directly to it!

Exposure is just the beginning, you can, in essence test new audiences. The analytical tools available will allow you to see if people like what you are delivering. So, one strategy would be to run the same content in separate campaigns that target separate interests. The possibilities are vast. So enogh reading! Check it out yourself!

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