What is The Cloud?

A little bit of knowledge will help when someone just starts rambling off buzz words such as “The Cloud” or they say “I work in the cloud.” For the long winded geeky version, just read the Wikipedia article. For the short explanation and analogous version, here you go:

The idea behind a cloud is that your data exists across a group of servers, and then this  group of servers are then replicated across even more groups of servers.  This offers not only access from anywhere, but redundancy to insure it is almost always available, and fast download speeds when you access your data over this “cluster” of servers simultaneously. Imagine that your data is all of your personal possessions in a storage unit. That storage unit is replicated into 2 units , then those 2 units are then replicated across nationwide complexes. That means when it is time to dust off the “Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack” on Vinyl, you can not only get it from anywhere but you can get it faster.  This is  because you can pull is from multiple storage units all at once.  Not to mention you can sleep at night knowing if the “Neutron Dance” was lost in a freak storage unit explosion in Austin TX then the copy in New York City is intact!  Got it? Good.

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