From the 99 Percent: 10 Time-Saving Web Tools

As we have mentioned before, The 99 percent is a wonderful resource for making things happen. With so many of us as musicians wearing many different hats, between creating music and managing our business, it helps to have tools available to move us along. In this article, Jocelyn K. Glei shows us 10 web tools that are great for everything from
delivering data to booking flights for a tour. At first glance, it appears that these are geared towards creatives in design, new media etc. but they are applicable to anyone who creates anything, including music! Use them for remote musical collaboration when you work with musicians over the web or to assist you when you book you next tour. They are their to help you manage your business.

When we think about how to be more “productive” in pushing bold ideas forward, much of the challenge is clearing out the clutter. Figuring out how to do the stuff we don’t like (e.g. admin tasks, finances, email) more efficiently, so we have more time for the stuff we love – the meaningful work that moves the needle on our creative projects and our businesses.

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