Ableton Live Tutorial: Session View

This tutorial walks the brand new Live user through the basics of the Session View in Ableton Live.
Part 5 of a new series featuring Ableton’s lead clinician Huston Singletary. This tutorial walks the user through the process of launching and working with Clips in Session View.


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In this tutorial movie we’ll take a look at working with the Session View. Understanding the Session View is essential to getting the most out of Live. So in this tutorial we’ll take a look at how the Session View can be used for idea creation, improvisation, live performance and DJ’ing. This is a Session View. If you aren’t seeing the screen, hit the ‘Tab’ key. You can think of the Session View as a [xx] for some possibilities. These possibilities can be MIDI or Audio loops; sound effects, one shots or even whole songs. Session View isn’t a traditional sequencer but more of a sketch pad for creative ideas or a performance tool. In the Session View we can work with ‘Clips’ which are containers of Audio or MIDI. You can create Clips by dragging Audio or MIDI files into the Session View from your browser or by recording your own. Every Clip has its own launch button that starts the clip. You don’t have to be precise; launch clips won’t start playing until the beginning of the next bar and of Stance Synth. Launching a Clip stops a previously playing Clip in the same track. In order to stop a clip click one of the square clip stop buttons on its track. Now I’ll launch a few Clips by clicking on each Clip’s launch button. To stop all Clips click the ‘Stop Clips’ button here. If you want to simultaneously launch a whole row of Clips which is called a ‘Scene’ click in the following icon.

Keep working and check out the ongoing list of Ableton Tutorials.

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