Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

If it wasn’t for Steve Jobs and Apple, this site would not exist. Cofounder Steve Wozniak once said:

For that we thank him.
As musicians we owe great amount of thanks to the man who brought us amazing tools to help us create, record and distribute our music. The Mac has allowed us to need nothing more than an idea and gave us the ability capture that idea to a high quality medium with ease. It gave more artists more opportunity to record their music and quickly share it, sell it- do what ever they wish with it. When it came to the iPod, other companies were trying to convince us that their MP3 player was the best because of the amount of GB’s and Mghz it had; the iPod put “1,000 songs in your pocket” – done. We all understood that, and the iPod played music-our music-into everyone’s ears, while pushing the digital medium forward. iTunes and the iTunes Music Store brought everyone a legitimate way to purchase our music. It continues to to be a growing major distributer of Music, Videos, Movies, PodCasts – all sorts of media. It again, handed us another avenue while helping popularizing other mediums for us to connect with our audience. Thank you Steve.

So, let’s be inspired by his story, his relentlessness in changing the way the world uses technology and let us also, always progress in creating, recording and performing music. Always push our industry forward and challenge ourselves and others to do the same. Here are some wise words to help you along the way:

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