Multitracking Tip: The power of Simplicity

It’s easy to forget the simplicity behind playing a single part on a track when starting a multi track project from scratch. The urge is to fill the spaces that may not yet be occupied with a part. If there are too many layers of “fidgety busyness” then the arrangement can end up fall apart.  I was at a Hardware demonstration once and someone had loaded up the unprocessed original multitrack of “Superstition.” What blew me away was not only Stevie’s talent, but the simplicity laid down on each track.  Perfection through simplicity!  In fact, go to the Petrucci Library and look at the full score of a symphony.  There may be a melody line that is complex but look at the instruments supporting that line.  Many long notes, subtle phrases, and whole bar rests are backing it up.  It’s the same concept.

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