Video turns Green

All off our videos are watched in their entirety before they are uploaded to insure their are no issues, however that does not mean that there cannot be issues from time to time.  One issue that can occur is that the video may turn green a few seconds into playback.  The most common reason for a “green screen” is a conflict between a viewer’s video driver and video card and their Flash flash plugin.  Here are some steps to troubleshoot.


Restart you Computer

This will reload you video drivers and Flash incase there is an issue.

Update your video Drivers

1. Make sure you video drivers are up to date. Check for your video card by selecting About This Mac

2. Click More Info

3.  Select Graphics and Displays


Update Flash

Make sure you Flash Player is up to date.  Click here for the latest versions.

Disable Hardware Acceleration in Flash

1. Right Click on the player screen to bring up the Flash menu and select “Settings….”

2. Un-Check “Enable Hardware Acceleration”


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