Production Workflow Case Studies are Available!

As a part of our every growing library of videos, we have started creating and releasing production workflow case studies that teach you the end to end workflow of different creative and technical scenarios.  It is important for us as musicians to bridge that gap that exists between the creative and technical sides, of our skill sets.  Ideas are one thing; transforming them into something that can be delivered is another.  We have released 2 video case studies (5 hours) on Production and Incidental music.  Today, there is a growing demand for licensed music filled with opportunity for musicians who are able to not only compose, but record, produce and deliver music directly to clients who need music for all sorts of scenarios.  In these case studies, we will look at the end to end workflow from the initial request all the way to the final delivery of mastered audio.  There is a lot to learn about this market, and a lot of methods that can be applied to other types of projects.  These videos along with many more, are availablfor free!






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