What is MacForMusicians.com

MacForMusicians.com is devoted to teaching Musicians how to best use their Mac. With technology constantly and rapidly advancing, computers now allow musicians to possess the tools that were once out of reach or just didn’t exist. Musicians who own a Mac will find that it is one of the most powerful tools they will ever use. With so much emphasis given on Pro Audio, a vast majority of Mac Users do not realize what else is at their finger tips. Musicians have tools that let them Record their Music to a high quality medium, Promote their art by easily creating professional promo materials, Book themselves more effectively with tools thought to be reserved for the corporate world and Manage their business with the power and efficiency equal to the technology itself.  There has been so much innovation over the last 10 years and we want to show you how to use what we wish we had!

The Team at MacForMusicians.com is passionate about all things music and all things Mac. Based in one of the most exciting and vibrant music scenes in the world; New York City; the Macformusicians.com team come from backgrounds ranging in; music business, performance, Internet marketing, and Macintosh technology.

The team collectively has over 20 years experience in Entertainment Public Relations, Record Promotion, Artist Management, Internet Advertising and Social Media. Coupled with their industry experience, education has played an important role with each team member attending institutions such as Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and Belmont University in Nashville, TN just to name a couple.

Our technology background includes certified portable and desktop technicians, Apple certified technical coordinators, XSAN integrations, designing video and audio workflows, and Apple technology training.

Our performance background is across all genres including, rock, classical, jazz, hip hop, and R&B.

To provide a little more info as to why we decided to launch MacForMusicians.com; we strongly believe that musicians do not have to rely on other people to get their career started. With the high cost of studio time and marketing services not every musician can outsource every aspect of their careers.

Macformusicians.com is here to show you how to use Macintosh technologies to Record yourself quickly and easily, Promote your art effectively, manage your contacts and build your relationships to improve the lines of communication between you and those that are willing to buy your talent. Lastly, we want to show you how Macintosh technologies can help you manage all of this more efficiently.

As a Member of MacForMusicians.com, you will be empowered by knowledge and skills that will give you more control over your career. Always feel free to ask us questions.  Send them to info@macformusicians.com

Thank you for visiting!