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GarageBand Fundamentals

Every Mac owning musician, from beginners to seasoned professionals, must know GarageBand inside and out.  Having a proficiency in digital audio opens up a massive amount of opportunity for musicians and artists.  GarageBand is not only great for learning the fundamentals behind digital recording but is widely used by professionals within their production workflows. With over 4 hours of video, we will take you all the way through a project from starting up GarageBand to the final Master.





Advanced GarageBand Tutorials

With over 2 hours of videos, these tutorials are for those of you who wish to bump their GarageBand and recording chops up a notch.  They cover advanced concepts in mixing, the numerous audio filters available ion GarageBand, Modulation effects, editing, and much more.  SignUp and watch!





Recording & Production Workflow Case Studies

We just launched our first case studies that show you all the steps in composing, recording, producing, and delivering incidental and production music (Music for video, advertising, live events, etc.).  Now, more than ever, there is an opportunity for musicians to work within this market and expand there careers.  With technology rapidly becoming more accessible to everyone, the tools are available for anyone with a musical idea; it is a matter of learning the tech and workflow.  Watch hours and hours of these two, 6 and 7 part series to learn everything you need to know!



Musician’s Online Marketing Jumpstart

Once you have recorded your music, You must promote and market it!  Technology plays a huge role in this and these videos give you some actionable steps to take to get your head in the space of music marketing and improve your presence online.  It will cover:

- Why must we promote and market our music?

- What is the first step of “Discovery”?

- How can you improve your presence on online?



Advanced Concepts in Audio Recording 

What Are “Phase Issues”? What is “Microphone Phase”? Phase Issues caused by Audio Signals? How does a signal chain affect Phase?  In this Section we will demystify “phase” and Tell you what it is in Plain English! We will Also show how to avoid it when Capturing a sound with Multiple Microphones. In addition you will Actually hear Phase issues in action!




Social Media Strategy for Musicians

Every Musician must have a Social Media Strategy.  This is the most extensive course of it’s kind and will teach you how to be effective in building and maintaining your audience with the  Social Media.  We will cover Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and yes, YouTube!





 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Musicians

Whether you are selling clothing, GI Joe’s with a Kung Fu Grip, music or “an image,” a presence within search engines, such as Google, is crucial for any brand.  This is achieved through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is the practice of insuring webpages and content rank well within natural search results, not the advertisements.  Musicians and artists need to be actively involved in developing an SEO strategy to drive and direct traffic, assist in the discovery process of their music & brand, and maintain a consistent brand experience online.  This course is one of the only that exists that is tailored to musicians and artists.



Complete WordPress Fundamentals Video Course

This video course will get you started immediatly building your own website on the widely used, not to mention free, Content Management System, WordPress.






 Recently Added

1-pg-WEBCreating a One-Page Artist Site

This is perfect for those of you who have music & media to get out to the world, maybe have a presence within social media, but never had the time or ability to create a website of your own.  It is a project that anyone can take on, and can be done with your Mac and free software tools.





DynamicsDynamics Processing

Dynamics Processing is necessary in a studio recording environment in many different situations.  It is because of the nature of the studio that we are required most of the time to apply dynamics processing in the form of Compression, Limiting, Expanding, and Gating to audio signals, in order for it to be more pleasing to the ears.  This can be in the form of raising perceived loudness all the way to completely cutting out undesirable sounds.





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