The Complete GarageBand Tutorial for Musicians

This GarageBand ’09 and ’11 Tutorial contains hours and hours of video that will take you through every step you need to know about recording your music, on your Mac, in GarageBand.

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GarageBand Logo for this TutorialIntroduction to GarageBand 
So, what is GarageBand and where do you start?  This section covers the basics behind GarageBand’s functionality and Digital Audio.  We will show you how to get things up and running while learning some fundamentals of the digital recording process.

Magic GarageBand
If you are new to working with digital audio or even creating music, GarageBand makes it easy for you to get started with Magic GarageBand.  This section of the tutorial will get you making music and help you share it to give it a listen, or export it into a full GarageBand project.

GarageBand Tutorial explaining how to recordRecording with GarageBand
Once you have the basics it is time to dive in and start building your project in.  In this GarageBand tutorial We will cover everything from how to create your first track, to giving you and in depth exploration of the interface, to recording multiple tracks at once, and much more.

Editing in GarageBand
GarageBand is not only a great multi-tracking software but an advanced audio and MIDI editor. Will show you how to correct mistakes, edit regions, time, along with creating a rough mix of your project. We also cover editing further in our Advanced Tutorials.

Working with Apple Loops
The digital age has brought us incredible abilities in the production of music and loops are now exception.  GarageBand not only ships with an extensive loop library, but a browser that will get you to the sound you want, within seconds. This alone deserves it’s own tutorial.  Not to mention, all of the editing you learned in the previous section can be applied to loops.  You can even create your own loops.  The possibilities are virtually endless!

Guitar Tracks
One of the most powerful features of GarageBand is its amp models and stomp boxes created for the guitar player.  You can build some amazing sounds and change most any quality of them.  In this tutorial, we will show you the lengths you can go.

Software Instruments
By now, you are familiar with the software instrument presets in GarageBand and it is time to up your choices with Jam Packs and unleash the power of these instruments by getting control of their “Sound Generators.”  In this section of GarageBand tutorials, will show you how you can change the settings within these instruments and start creating your own presets.

Real Instruments
Here are the details behind recording real instruments in Garageband.  We will tell you what to consider when recording real audio and give you tips on recording Vocals, Drums, and your guitar amp.

Mixing and Mastering in GarageBand
Now that you have all your tracks recorded and edited, it is time to mix and master.  In this section we will cover some fundamentals behind processing, mixing, and the basics behind mastering.  In our advanced tutorials, we take it further by showing you even more concepts and functionality that exists in the world of mixing and mastering, all available in GarageBand.

Signal Chain Fundamentals

In this section we discuss the basics behind how EQ, Compressors, and Reverb all affect each other in a signal chain.

Advanced GarageBand Tutorials
Thought you have learned everything there is to know?  Well, there is much more.  What are all of those effects?  Microphone phase?  Signal phase?  huh?  Do not worry.  We will show you.

Recording & Production Workflow Case Studies

We just launched our first case studies that show you all the steps in composing, recording, producing, and delivering incidental and production music (Music for video, advertising, live events, etc.).  Now, more than ever, there is an opportunity for musicians to work within this market and expand there careers.  With technology rapidly becoming more accessible to everyone, the tools are available for anyone with a musical idea; it is a matter of learning the tech and workflow.  Watch this two, 6 and 7 part, series to learn everything you need to know!