Editing in GarageBand

Correcting Mistakes with “Punch-Ins” and “Cycle Region Recording”

Here are 2 Methods of correcting Mistakes when Editing Alone won’t save you. We will discuss punching, and using Cycle Region while recording.

Editing Regions on the Timeline

Edit the Regions as a whole. Cut, Copy Paste Split and Join regions. This will help you clean up and expand your project.

Adding Additional MIDI Data with Cycle Region

In this section we will talk about adding additional MIDI date to existing Software Instrument Regions.

Edit Within Regions

Here is how you edit the real Instrument Waveforms and Software Instrument Data within the Regions themselves. We will look at the options available for Real Instruments and some of the Basics for for Software instruments. There is a more in depth look into editing Software Instruments in the Software Instrument Section.

Enhanced Timing

here is a look into GarageBand’s Enhanced timing feature. We will show you how to use it and some ideas on when to use it.

Rough Mix

Rough Mix Section 1

Once you are done Tracking and editing, it is time to Start preparing for the Rough mix. These are some things you want to consider: FInal Edits, Preliminary Processing, Labeling Tracks etc.

Rough Mix Section 2

In this section we talk about the steps taken to create a rough mix as far as Levels and Panning.