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Introduction to loops

In this section we will explore the history of loops and what can be done with them today.

The GarageBand Loop Browser

Witness the power behind Garageband’s Loop Browser. Yes, the loops themselves are amazing, be see how GaragBand has organized them, making it easy for you to find what you want and start building up your song.

Adding Loops to Your Project

This is a comprehensive look into the difference between Real Instrument Loops and Software Instrument Loops. And yes, There is a difference. Take some time to become familiar with how global settings to your project affect the sound of either. We will also show you which loops can go on which tracks and why it is more important than you think!

Editing Loops on the Timeline

Just when you thought you couldn’t give a Recording project even more of your Personal touch with Loops, Check it out: Garageband allows you to Edit the actual loops!

Create your own Loops

If you have an idea for a loop, you can save it to your loop library for later use.

Apple has made it easy for anyone to start building a recording project in GarageBand with Apple Loops. What are Loops? Loops are pre-recorded clips of sound that allow someone to add Drums, instrumental lines, melodies and sounds to any GarageBand Project. GarageBand comes with a vast library of loops that are ready to use so you can lay down a foundation, add some texture even compose an entire composition.

The drag and drop capability of GarageBand makes Adding Loops to Your Project simple. You can quickly create layers and layers of sound that will add serious amounts of depth to your song. Because there are so many choices one has when it comes to loops, Apple has made it possible to find exactly what you need for your project.



One feature that makes this possible is the GarageBand Loop Browser. The ability to organize and find audio assets is important in recording and the Loop Browser is an excellent example of this. You can browse through all of your loops by specific criteria and find exactly want you want. You can arrange loops by tempo, key signature and length. You can also designate favorites and have them easily accessible for future projects.

Now the above features are amazing and you can stay busy for days using them. What is even more amazing is that GarageBand allows you to Edit Loops that are in your project in order to customize them to your liking. In addition, you can even make your own loops and add them to your library for future use in any project.

As you will soon see in the videos, loops are just plain cool! Whether you are a beginner with no musical experience or a Master Musician, Apple Loops are one of the many ways GarageBand gives you the capability to quickly lay down and build up your ideas.