Mixing and Mastering with GarageBand

A Garageband project that is ready for mixing and masteringEQ

Let’s explore the EQ options available in GarageBand. We will look into the Visual EQ in as well as the Parametric EQ and Filter (aka. notch filter). In addition, we will look at different situations where one may be more helpful than the other.


By now, you are aware that you can Automate the volume levels Levels and Pan of a track. What you may not know is that you can automate almost any effect on the track. Let us show you how!

GarageBand and Reverb

Reverb will allow you to create an ambient space for audio on a single track and/or on the master track. In this section we will explore each element of this effect, in GarageBand.


We will answer this Question: What are compressors and how do I use one in GarageBand?

Mixing in GarageBand

Here are some advanced concepts in the world of Mixing. Although it would be nice to have one way to mix a song every time, unfortunately there as many right ways to mix a song as there are songs! This section will deal with how to approach mixing in terms of Monitoring and how to balance your levels and create the “Stereo Image.”

Mastering in GarageBand

In this section, we will look into why we master a track and how to approach this process.