GarageBand and Real Instruments

Real instrument audio regions in GarageBand

Microphone Techniques: Vocals

Here are some things to consider when capturing vocals. Not only will it get you started on vocals, but is a great introduction to how one may want to approach Miking any Instrument.

What Are “Phase Issues”? What is “Microphone Phase”?

In this Section we will demystify “phase” and Tell you what it is in Plain English! We will Also show how to avoid it when Capturing a sound with Multiple Microphones. In addition you will Actually hear Phase issues in action!

Phase Issues caused by Audio Signals

How does a signal chain affect Phase?

Miking Guitar Amps

Here is a overview of what to consider when miking guitar amps

Mic Your Drum Set

Here is what you need to know to get started miking Drums. We have included some great examples so you will get a complete understanding of how to approach this seemingly difficult task.