Recording with GarageBand

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Creating a new project in GarageBand

The very simple steps of starting a Recording Project in Garageband

GarageBand Interface

Become Familiar with GarageBand’s User Interface. Find out how to Navigate around and what all of those Buttons do!

Laying Down a Foundation for Your GarageBand Project

Here is one way to start the process: Lay down a foundation with some Rhythm. For those who want to make a full production recording project, this is a great way to start solid, and allow for more elements to be added.

Recording your first Track; Recording a software instrument.

Here are the basics behind recording a software instrument. There will also be a quick review of the steps to get started.

Recording Overdubs in GarageBand

It is amazing how adding simple layers on top of an existing track can add so much space and depth. Take what you know about recording a software instrument and add an overdub.

Adjust the Tempo of you GarageBand Project

Before we get to far into our Project, it is important to take note of where we are, and make sure we are happy with our results so far. With that said, there are Global changes that we can make to the project in terms of tempo and key. Let us show you!

Recording Real Instruments in GarageBand

Here is an in depth look at how to record software instruments and some inherent features of using them.

Recording Guitar Tracks in GarageBand

It is amazing how quickly you can setup a Guitar track and record. Here’s how

Quickly build up your project in GarageBand

GarageBand makes it very easy to quickly build up your recording project. In this section we will show you how, by using loops, recording software and real instrument tracks. This section is a great way to review what you have learned and help you pick up the pace.

Recording Multiple Tracks in GarageBand Part 1

By now you already know how to record one track at a time. Multiple tracks is just as easy.

Recording Multiple Tracks in GarageBand Part 2

Once you become comfortable with Multi Track recording, here are some additional Features of Garageband and Digital recording that open a world of opportunity.

Locking a Track In GarageBand

Though it is wise, not to mention easy, to lock tracks. Why exactly would we want to? The answer isn’t as simple as you may think.

Looping a recorded clip in GarageBand

Whether correcting mistakes or laying down a track for the first time, you can save a lot of time by looping a short clip of a large composition and loop it over a time span of your choosing.

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