Learn how to use GarageBand

Learn how to use GarageBandIf you are looking for the best way to learn how to use GarageBand, you are in the right place!  We have hours and hours of tutorial videos that will show you everything you need to know about using GarageBand.

Introduction and getting started with GarageBand:  This section will get you started and help you become familiar with the fundamentals of GarageBand and Digital recording.

Magic GarageBand:  If you are new to GarageBand it is worth starting with Magic GarageBand in order to familiarize yourself with some basic functionality.

Recording With :  This section will take you through the process of tracking and building out a project from end to end.

Editing: It is amazing how powerful GarageBand is when it comes to editing.   We will show you how to edit MIDI data and audio waveforms and regions.

Working with Loops: GarageBand not only ships with a large loop library, but enables you to work with them in such an easy and intuitive fashion; everything from the drag and drop ability to editing them to perfrection

Guitar Tracks:  Learn to Rock!

Recording and working with Real Instruments:  GarageBand isn’t all about MIDI/Software Instruments, but is a full feature Digital Audio Workstation.

Working with Software Instruments:  The extent you can customize software instrument sounds is out of control!  This section will show you how.

Mixing and Mastering in:  To top finish you project, this section shows you the fundamentals of mixing and mastering your work.

Advanced Tutorials:  Want to learn even more about digital recording and GarageBand?

We hope you enjoy learning GarageBand, and let us know about your progress!