Production and Incidental Music Case Studies

Ever wonder what goes into creating music for commercials, video, movies, and even live theater?  That would be the workflow of producing Incidental and Production music; music used in non-musical productions.  Today, there is a growing market filled with opportunity for musicians who are able to not only write, but record, produce and deliver music directly to clients who need music for all sorts of scenarios.  In these case studies, we will look at the end to end workflow from the initial request all the way to the final delivery of mastered audio.  There is a lot to learn about this market, and a lot of methods that can be applied to other types of projects.  Get started with one of the case studies below!

Case Study I: Music for Video & Live Events

Case Study II: Background Music for Comedy

As you begin to build a library of music be sure to check out different ways to distribute your work to people who need music for non-music productions.  I work for the online stock music library Muserk, and we are always looking for new great music.  Do feel free to reach out!