Learn to promote and market your Music

Today in the industry it is crucial that musicians actively promote themselves and develop their brand as an artist.  The reasons, can be  summarized as:

There is more opportunity for musicians than ever before because as the divisions of labor within the industry are disappearing we can now take control of them.   We already know how music technology has advanced to the point where almost anyone can record an album, now it’s time for you to learn how to leverage technology to promote it.  There is more access for people and an ability to create an audience.  People have begun to already take charge of their careers. The amount of talent being discovered online is growing and visibility among those who make it is going to be limited to those who know how to use and leverage technology to their advantage.  You need to learn how to do this in order to save, not our industry, but music as a leading art form in entertainment.

You Are Creative: Leverage it outside of music

Learn the technology and utilize it in a creative way.  For too long, the division of labor steered the creative elements, not only away from the business elements, but away from each other.  You are now the Player, Marketer and, Manager and need to learn the technical aspects.

Let’s get started!

Digital Strategy