Digital Strategy

How can musicians promote and market their music online?

Marketing online as a musician can be very tough to do.  When you think about it, it comes down to a fight for people’s attention.  People are by nature very bias. It’s in our wiring to make split decisions about our surroundings in order to survive. Today everyone is relatively safe and there is very little that we need to protect ourselves from other than wasting time and the threat of boredom.  And that is what so much of marketing music is about.  That survival instinct is still in our heads and if we are not protecting our lives, then we are protecting ourselves from the most seemingly trivial things.  This probably explains the rise of other forms of entertainment.  Video games are fairly predictable in the sense a fan will know they will be happily occupied for a weekend.  A new app on your phone can dull the pain of commuting on a train over and over.  So why would anyone take a chance on an artist they have never heard?  The Musician’s online strategy focuses on the search and social spaces, showing us how we can gain authority and leverage it to engage a more qualified audience.

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