Social Media as it relates to the Music Industry

Are you confused as to where to start with Social media as a Musician, Artist or Band? Here is a guide to help. ┬áSocial Media has become an integral part of every online strategy for almost every business. In music, Social Media is a must and every artist should build out a well defined strategy to act upon. The difficulty is figuring where to start: Which networks should you focus on? What should I be sharing with my fans? How do I grow my audience? What exactly should you be doing? Think about it this way: Social Media is going to be a tool you use to acquire, build, and maintain an audience. So with that in mind, let’s briefly cover the questions we asked.

Which Social networks should you focus on?

Well, if you are new, the best place to start is with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Tumblr. These are the most likely places in which your current and future audience resides. Some may feel that social networks more geared to music would be a better option, however almost EVERYONE has some presence in one of the above social networks. Think about these facts:

What should I be “sharing” with my fans?

Luckily, as a musician, you can share almost everything! Think about what we said before about acquiring, building and maintaining an audience. You can leverage social media by sharing you music, photos of gigs, and things as simple as words.

How do I grow my audience?

This is all about engagement within the social process. The content you share is one thing, how you share it is another. You may have a great song, photo, quote to share with the world, but if no one is there to see it, it doesn’t matter. Tagging individuals, organizations and topics improve visibility in almost all social networks. The idea is to always share content with the intent to be as visible as possible.

What exactly should you be doing?

That is the ultimate question and the answer will always be changing in some respects, but there are fundamentals you show always follow, such as:

Exploration: Most everyone hopes for a magic silver bullet of sorts when it comes to Social Media and is always in search of that technology or network that makes it all happen for them. There needs to be a strategy ahead of time, then and only then, do you apply technology and automation to it. The only way to truly get started is to explore the outlets one by one and become familiar with their functionality, limitations, audience and overall vibe.

Establishing Governance: You always need to establish rules which you follow that dictate what content you post, how you post it and how you interact with your followers/fans. For instance, are you an unobtainable-Kanye-type or someone who interacts with her or his fans regularly? Can you afford to be either one?

Goals and Community: You need to create goals as to what you will do with your community and audience before you build it. There needs to always be a reason as to why you are getting ready to do all of this work, and target your efforts with precision. Once you do this and figure out who it is you wish to acquire as a fan, then you begin to acquire more quality over quantity. None of this “buy Facebook likes” from people (assuming they are real people, let’s be honest) who ultimately will do nothing to support you. You want real, genuine fans!

Management: Analysis of these efforts in social media are crucial along with figuring out your specific processes and scaling up from there. This is where technology such as Google Analytics for tracking efforts, and Management platforms such as Hootsuite come into play. What looked like a magic silver bullet turns out not to be magic at all. It’s simply a tool that scales up the implementation of your strategy that you have built.

In our Complete SEO and Social Media Strategy for Musicians, we cover what you need to know to leverage you, the artist online across social networks. We cover Facebook, Twitter, tumblr and YouTube.