YouTube Content ID for Musicians

youtube_logo_standard_againstwhiteIf you are a musician, composer, or are in a band, and have any sort of presence on YouTube, whether in an official capacity or in the form of fan-uploaded videos, you should be on Content ID. Put simply, Content ID is YouTube’s fingerprinting service that identifies your music in other people’s videos and pays you when these videos are played. Outside of you uploading your music to YouTube, your music can end up in videos a number of ways.

Content ID comes into play in these scenarios where your music, shall we say, unofficially ends up on YouTube. Muserk is a YouTube Partner and 3rd party Content ID Administrator and can manage your music across YouTube, catch, and monetize these videos for you, and send you advertising money earned from the views. You can see there is a lot of opportunity outside of just having a few tracks floating around on YouTube.

Check out Muserk’s Program that offers YouTube Content ID for musicians and FAQ for details. Alright, let’s do this!